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Ornithocephalus bicornis is a charming and diminutive orchid species known for its dainty and distinctive appearance. This orchid belongs to the Orchidaceae family and is native to various countries in South America, including Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador. One of its defining features is its petite size, with compact growth and small pseudobulbs. The delicate and intricate flowers of Ornithocephalus bicornis are the highlight of this orchid, featuring a unique shape with two prominent horns or projections, giving it its species name "bicornis." The blooms are typically white or pale yellow, adding to their elegance. Cultivating Ornithocephalus bicornis requires mimicking its natural epiphytic habitat, with well-draining growing media, bright, indirect light, and high humidity levels. This orchid is a favorite among orchid enthusiasts for its charming and unusual appearance, making it a sought-after addition to orchid collections and terrariums, where it adds a touch of natural beauty and intrigue.