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Known as the "Nun's Orchid" or "Veiled Orchid," is a captivating terrestrial orchid species celebrated for its imposing size and exquisite flowers. Its blooms, which can reach sizes of up to 15 centimeters (6 inches) in diameter, display a range of delicate colors from white to cream, occasionally tinged with soft pink or lavender shades. These flowers exhibit a complex and ornate structure, with broad, veined sepals and petals, often adorned with fringed and ruffled lips. Many Phaius wallichii plants emit a sweet and floral fragrance that enhances their allure. In addition to its stunning blooms, the orchid boasts large, broad, strap-like leaves that arch gracefully from pseudobulbs. Native to Southeast Asian countries, including India, Thailand, and Malaysia, this species can be found in lowland and montane forests, adding an aura of serenity to its natural habitat. Cultivating Phaius wallichii demands careful attention to well-draining soil, regular moisture, and filtered light, rewarding gardeners and orchid enthusiasts with its grandeur and the splendid display of its captivating flowers and delightful fragrance.

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