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It is a unique species of Anthurium, known for its distinctive foliage. Native to Ecuador, it boasts large, deeply lobed leaves with prominent, elongated lobes that give them an almost palm-like appearance. The leaves are typically glossy and can grow up to impressive sizes. Anthurium luxurians is sought after by plant enthusiasts for its tropical and lush aesthetic, making it an appealing choice for indoor gardens. Proper care involves providing a humid environment, well-draining soil, and filtered light. As with many Anthurium species, this plant contributes to the vibrant diversity of tropical flora cultivated for ornamental purposes.

Inver 1 mesa 17 grupo B

Climate Intermediate Warm
Air Circulation Medium
Light Medium
Humidity Medium
Fertilizer Bimonthly
Size Medium

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Mary Ann
Beautiful Luxurians

I didn’t expect the leaves to be so huge! I received a healthy, beautiful plant! This was the second order placed with Equagenera and have already placed a third.

The plant is beautiful but I have concerns

This is a spectacular looking plant. It definitely came with 10 inch leaves, but I have a few concerns. First being the stems have dar “stain patterns” on them like their dying or have some kind of disease. Second, this plant seems quite old and I have my doubts it will have new leaves. I would expect new leaves for the root system it has though. I guess we will see. I am very impressed with this plant aside from my concerns it’s gorgeous and I hope the leaves get darker.

After having it 14 days, so far so good.

Yarelys Mercado
So far so good

Hasta el momento todas las q compre ese dia van bien.

Collin Ruginski
Good but

Plant arrived quickly. It was a little smaller than expected having about 4 leaves but 3 of them are damaged from cold


Beautiful lots of leaves on a journey collecting anthuriums bought many from this company. Excellent quality of plants packaging shipping is awesome fast delivery couldn't ask for more!