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Alocasia amazonica, commonly known as the Amazonian Elephant Ear or African Mask Plant, is a striking and popular houseplant, renowned for its dramatic and ornamental foliage. This hybrid showcases glossy, dark green leaves with prominent, sharp white or silverish veins that create a bold contrast, enhancing its visual impact. The leaves are large, arrow-shaped, and slightly wavy along the edges, contributing to its exotic and lush appearance. Alocasia amazonica thrives in humid environments with indirect, bright light and needs well-draining soil to prevent root rot. It prefers consistent moisture but is sensitive to overwatering. As a tropical plant, it benefits from regular misting or a pebble tray to maintain the humidity levels it requires. With its striking appearance, Alocasia amazonica is a favorite among indoor gardeners looking to add a dramatic touch to their home decor. Needs warm environment, well lit, not in direct sunlight.