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Anthurium andreanum x Anthurium veitchii

A hybrid between Anthurium andreanum and Anthurium veitchii combines the attractive qualities of both parent plants, resulting in a captivating and unique Anthurium variety. This cross might exhibit the glossy, heart-shaped leaves of A. andreanum alongside the striking, deeply lobed, and velvety foliage of A. veitchii. The specific characteristics, such as leaf coloration and growth habit, can vary depending on the traits of the parent plants involved in the cross. This hybrid presents an exciting blend of aesthetics and may require a mix of care guidelines for each parent species to ensure it flourishes, offering a touch of tropical elegance to any indoor space.

Climate Intermediate
Air Circulation Medium
Light Medium
Humidity High
Fertilizer Bimonthly
Size Medium. Inv1-A14-Up//////////////////