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Anthurium gracile Ecuagenera is an exquisite and distinctive plant variety known for its elegant appearance and tropical charm. Belonging to the Anthurium genus, this plant is native to the lush rainforests of Central and South America, particularly in regions like Ecuador and Colombia. What sets Anthurium gracile Ecuagenera apart are its captivating foliage and vibrant flowers. The leaves of this plant are typically elongated and heart-shaped, displaying a glossy texture and an attractive dark green hue. The true highlight of Anthurium gracile Ecuagenera, however, lies in its stunning flowers. These blooms feature a vibrant red or pink spathe and a contrasting yellow or orange spadix, creating a visually striking and harmonious color combination. The plant's flowers are not only beautiful but can also be fragrant, adding to their allure. Anthurium gracile Ecuagenera thrives in warm and humid environments, making it suitable for indoor cultivation in controlled conditions. Its captivating foliage and exquisite flowers make it a sought-after choice for those looking to introduce a touch of tropical elegance and natural beauty to their botanical collection or interior space.

Clima Templado
Circulación de aire Medio
Luz Medio
Humedad Medio
Fertilizante Bimensual
Tamaño Medio