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Cattleya Mildred Rives  x Cattleya Sierra Blanca

Cattleya Manuel Moran is a captivating orchid hybrid celebrated for its elegant beauty and exquisite blooms. Named in honor of renowned orchid enthusiast Manuel Moran, this cultivar is a cross between  Cattleya Mildred Rives  x Cattleya Sierra Blanca  are large and showy, typically featuring stunning hues of lavender, purple, and magenta, often with delicate veining and a subtle fragrance that adds to their allure. With its graceful form and vibrant colors, this orchid hybrid commands attention and admiration, making it a prized addition to orchid collections and floral displays alike. Cattleya Manuel Moran is cherished by enthusiasts for its exceptional beauty and represents a fitting tribute to its namesake's passion for orchids.

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