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it represents a crossbreeding between two distinct varieties of Cattleya orchids. 'El Dorado' typically features vibrant and colorful flowers, while 'Hector' is known for its coerulea trait, which indicates a blue or bluish hue in the blooms.

This hybridization effort aims to combine the desirable characteristics of both parent plants, potentially resulting in offspring with a blend of vibrant colors and the unique blue tint. Orchid enthusiasts often engage in such hybridization to create new and visually appealing varieties within the Cattleya genus. Care requirements for these hybrids usually align with those of their parent species, involving proper light, temperature, humidity, and watering conditions tailored to Cattleya orchids' needs.

Climate Intermediate Warm
Air Circulation Medium
Light Medium
Humidity Medium
Fertilizer Bimonthly
Size Blooming size