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Cattleya maxima semialba x 'Gigi' is an exquisite orchid hybrid that captures the enchanting beauty of its parent strains, combining the elegant features of Cattleya maxima semialba with the robust qualities of 'Gigi'. This hybrid showcases stunning flowers that are predominantly white with a subtle hint of pale lavender, particularly on the fringes. The blossoms have a striking, prominent lip that is often a vibrant yellow or green, providing a striking contrast against the lighter petals. Ideal for growing in environments with bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining medium, this orchid needs careful watering to ensure the roots remain healthy without becoming waterlogged. The Cattleya maxima semialba x 'Gigi' is celebrated for its large, fragrant blooms and is a popular choice among orchid enthusiasts for its visual appeal and robust growth.

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