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The hybrid Cattleya quadricolor #3 x #2 is a stunning representation of the genetic beauty possible within the Cattleya genus, particularly among orchids. This specific hybrid merges the qualities of two selected clones of Cattleya quadricolor, producing flowers that captivate with a range of vibrant colors. The blooms typically display a rich blend of pink, orange, and red hues, accented by a distinctive lip that may feature darker veining or spots. The large, showy flowers exude a captivating fragrance, enhancing their appeal. Cultivated for optimal performance in orchid collections, this hybrid thrives in environments that offer bright, indirect light and well-draining growing conditions. Regular periods of drying between waterings and high humidity mimic its native tropical conditions, making it a favored choice for both novice and experienced growers seeking spectacular blooms and a resilient plant.

Inver3 mesa 38 grupo C