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Dracula cutis-bufonis is a unique and intriguing species of orchid, part of the diverse Dracula genus, known for its unusual and distinctive blooms. This species, native to the cloud forests of Ecuador, is often sought after by orchid enthusiasts for its striking appearance. The name "cutis-bufonis" translates to "skin of the toad," referencing the peculiar texture and coloration of its flowers, which resemble the skin of a toad. These blooms are typically brownish or greenish with reddish markings, and they have a complex structure that includes a long, tail-like extension, a characteristic feature of Dracula orchids. Dracula cutis-bufonis thrives in cool, humid, and low-light conditions, mimicking its natural cloud forest habitat. It prefers high humidity and good air circulation, making it a challenging species to grow in typical home environments. This orchid is usually grown in well-draining substrates and requires careful watering to maintain consistent moisture without waterlogging. Despite its specific care requirements, Dracula cutis-bufonis is a fascinating orchid for collectors, offering a truly exotic and captivating display with its toad-skin-like flowers.