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Licuala mattanensis 'Mapu', commonly known as the Mapu Palm, is a striking and highly sought-after ornamental palm species. Native to the rainforests of Borneo, this species is renowned for its exceptionally beautiful, large, round leaves that are deeply split into wedge-shaped segments. These leaves have a rich, glossy green color, and their unique fan shape gives the plant a dramatic and exotic appearance. The Mapu Palm is relatively compact compared to other palm species, making it an ideal choice for indoor cultivation or smaller tropical gardens. It thrives in humid, shaded environments, preferring well-drained soils and protection from direct sunlight, which can scorch its delicate leaves. Its slow-growing nature and rarity make it a prized specimen among palm enthusiasts and collectors. In addition to its visual appeal, the Licuala mattanensis 'Mapu' is also known for its resilience and adaptability to various indoor environments, albeit with proper care and maintenance.