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Microgramma reptans #2, a lesser-known yet fascinating species in the fern family, is valued for its distinctive growth habit and ornamental foliage. This epiphytic fern, native to the tropical regions of Central and South America, typically grows on tree trunks and branches in its natural rainforest habitat. It features small, elongated, and somewhat lance-shaped leaves that form dense, creeping mats over the surfaces it inhabits. The leaves of Microgramma reptans are bright green, smooth, and leathery, with a glossy appearance that adds to their visual appeal. One of the unique aspects of this fern is its ability to spread and cover surfaces, giving it a reptilian, crawling appearance, which is reflected in its name 'reptans'. This growth habit makes it an excellent choice for creating a natural, green covering over tree fern panels, bark, or in terrariums where its verdant, lush mats can be showcased. Microgramma reptans thrives in environments with high humidity, indirect light, and good air circulation. Its ease of care and ability to adapt to various growing conditions make it a popular choice for fern enthusiasts and those interested in creating tropical, jungle-like settings in their gardens or indoor plant displays.