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Microgramma piloselloides, commonly known as the hairy climbing fern, is a charming and distinctive fern species that belongs to the Pteridaceae family. Native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, this fern is admired for its unique growth habit and ornamental appeal. It is an epiphytic fern, which means it typically grows on trees or rocks rather than in the soil. The fronds of Microgramma piloselloides are characterized by their finely divided, feathery appearance and are covered in small, hair-like structures, giving them a delicate and slightly fuzzy texture. These fronds can climb vertically along the surface of trees or rocks, creating a lush and enchanting green tapestry in its natural habitat. As a houseplant or ornamental fern, it requires a similar environment, including bright, indirect light, high humidity, and consistently moist but well-draining soil. With its unique growth pattern and attractive foliage, Microgramma piloselloides is a favorite choice among fern enthusiasts and adds a touch of natural beauty to indoor and outdoor gardens alike.

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