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Microgramma squamulosa is a charming and visually appealing fern species, known for its unique and distinctive characteristics. Native to tropical and subtropical regions, this fern is typically found in areas with high humidity and moist conditions. What sets Microgramma squamulosa apart is its frond morphology. The fronds of this fern are characterized by their delicate and feathery appearance, with finely divided segments that resemble fish scales, giving rise to its common name, "Fishscale Fern." These fronds are usually a rich green color and add a touch of elegance to shaded garden areas or indoor plant collections. Microgramma squamulosa is valued for its lacy and intricate foliage, making it a favorite among fern enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the unique beauty of fern varieties and their ability to create a lush and verdant ambiance in botanical displays.