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Known as Fraser's Radiator Plant, is a charming and captivating member of the Peperomia family, celebrated for its distinctive foliage. The leaves, often reminiscent of succulents, are thick, heart-shaped, and adorned with a deep green hue, creating a visually pleasing contrast with their silver or white veins. With a compact and bushy growth habit, Peperomia fraseri is an ideal choice for indoor cultivation, whether as a standalone feature or part of a decorative houseplant collection. While it can occasionally produce inconspicuous flower spikes, it's the lush foliage that takes center stage. To maintain the vibrancy of its leaves, provide bright, indirect light, and take care not to overwater. Thriving in typical room conditions, Peperomia fraseri brings a touch of elegance and visual intrigue to interior spaces, captivating plant enthusiasts with its unique and enduring allure.

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