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iIt s a striking plant with large, elongated leaves in a pale, ghostly gray-green color. Its unique foliage and trailing growth habit make it a coveted addition to any plant collection, adding an ethereal touch to any space.

Inver1 mesa 18 grupo B,b

Customer Reviews

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Philodendron Florida Ghost

This plant is beautiful! Many healthy leaves outside one that is experiencing droppings mist likely due to the transportation. However it is pushing up a new leaf which is very exciting! She has bright yellow new leaves, and deep dark rich green mature leaves. I am obsessed!


I typically would give 5stars but this order came in today and the box was crushed in shipping and the bottom of the box was torn off. I was in complete panic mode when it got delivered to my door that I had to do an emergency unboxing to make sure all my plants were there and access the damage. There was barely anything protecting the leaves just paper and that was soaking wet. Except for one plant which was bone dry. All an all I order 6 plants and and only 2 of the 6 will be able to be displayed anytime soon the rest will be in rehab mode for the next month or so. I suggest making multiple small orders than risk having a big order shipped out. I do think everything is going to be fine for each plant but I’m very disappointed with the shipping quality.

Not worth it

Do not waste your money buying the seedling for this plant.


Arrived quickly, and very healthy and thriving right out of the package. Very beautiful plant! Super impressed with the quality and health! Will definitely order from this nursery again!

Small plant

I thought for the price I paid would probably get a nice plant , no , it didn't happen. What I received was a small plant for the price.