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It is a captivating member of the philodendron family, known for its distinctive foliage and tropical allure. Originating from the lush rainforests of Central and South America, particularly in regions like Ecuador and Colombia, this philodendron variety boasts elegant leaves that are typically heart-shaped and glossy, showcasing a rich shade of green with subtle variations. What sets it apart is the intricate and appealing pattern of silver or ivory marbling that adorns its foliage, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance. As a climbing or vining species, Philodendron gardeniodorum aff naturally seeks support to reach for the coveted canopy light. Indoors, it adapts gracefully, either climbing on trellises or cascading beautifully, creating a visually captivating display. Esteemed by plant enthusiasts for its unique foliage and adaptability, this philodendron variety enriches indoor gardens with a hint of tropical elegance and botanical intrigue. To ensure its flourishing, provide well-draining soil, moderate to bright indirect light, and consistent moisture, allowing it to thrive and elevate living spaces with its natural charm and timeless allure.

Inver2 mesa 8 grupo B

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany M
Such a cute plant!

The plant I received is so darn cute! Like to the point you want to squeeze it's little leaves hahaha No, seriously though! It's a beautiful plant! As always, it came in pristine condition! Thanks Ecuagenera

Tristan B
Doesn't really look like in the photos

The plant in the photos looks to have a beautiful variation between lighter and darker greens in its leaves. They also look deceivingly large. The plant I received, while beautiful, has leaves that look almost nothing like in their photos, esp as far as variation in philodendrons leaves can go. Also the largest leaf is about 4x3 inches. I'm hoping they'll grow out much bigger. By expectations I would have given a lower rating, but the plant is still beautiful tbh so I want to give credit for the quality of the plant itself but wish I had a better idea of what I was actually going to get before making a purchase.

Contrina Alexander-Jeffers

I love this plant. Every order is packaged well and arrives in amazing condition. Ecuagenera is one of Best sellers out there. I think I have purchased all most Evey philo they have to offer. Well not yet at least.

Great plants

I absolutely love ordering plants from this company. They always come in good condition. I'm going to order something now🌱💚🖤

Kimberly J Hobbs
Fantastic Plants

I'm very impressed! This is my first purchase from this company. My plants arrived expertly packed, in outstanding condition. They were fast, too! I highly recommend, and will be purchasing from them again. 👍