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It is a striking and relatively rare species of Philodendron. It is known for its distinctive and elongated, heart-shaped leaves, which can grow quite large, making it a captivating addition to indoor plant collections. This Philodendron typically features deep green foliage and attractive venation, adding to its appeal. Native to tropical rainforests, it thrives in moderate to bright indirect light and prefers consistently moist but well-draining soil. Philodendron pastazanum's unique appearance and relatively manageable care requirements make it a sought-after choice for plant enthusiasts looking to introduce a touch of exotic elegance into their homes or workspaces.

Inv1-mesa 30 grupo B,b

Customer Reviews

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Love it and the big beautiful leaves, but it already got spider mites and I’m down to one leave. The plant only had one other leave.


HUGE plant. I was not expecting it to be a big as it it.

Jordan Garcia
Massive Compared to What I Expected

This plant shipped on August 28th and arrived on the 31st (today). I expected this to be a tiny plant that I would have to wait to see large leaves out of. I was definitely mistaken. This was my first time ordering a plant online, so I didn’t know what to expect. This pastazanum came in a 2-2.5 foot tall box. Opening it revealed 4 enormous, healthy green leaves! Each leaf has a couple superficial fine lines on it from being a bit folded in the box, and one leaf has what looks like a small, old tear in it, but that’s to be expected when shipping from Florida to Chicago. I’m extremely impressed with how well the plant held up in shipping. I think the fine lines will resolve themselves in a few days. If you’re wondering whether you should take the plunge on buying this plant, DO IT! While this plant was in shipping, I saw a very small pastazanum silver at a local nursery that was maybe 8-10 inches tall (excluding the pot) with leaves that were about the size of my hand (open palm, fingers all touching) for 35 dollars and felt a bit regretful about taking the risks involved with shipping a plant rather than just buying the one at the nursery. But after seeing the plant I received from this site, I’m so glad I ordered! This plant is about 1.5 feet tall (excluding the pot), and the largest leaf can fit 3 of my hands on it! The other 3 leaves are not far behind in size. WAY worth the 5 extra dollars and the cost of shipping! Buy it!! I can’t wait to see how this plant settles in (:

Kayla Jones

So excited to receive my plant but the 2 leaves were kind of beat up due to packaging. I took a look at the roots and it has root rot. There is a new leaf coming in but I'm disappointed reading other reviews and how they've receive much better plants with more leaves and healthy roots.

Gorgeous, healthy plant

This plant came with 4 leaves and 1 on the way. Very healthy. In a good soil mix. Currently the new leaf is unfurling. No acclimation needed. I recommend this plant from ecuagenera USA.