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indicates that it is a cultivated or collected variation of Philodendron pastazanum but may not precisely match the typical characteristics of the species. The "aff" stands for "affinis," a Latin term meaning "related to." It is often used in botanical nomenclature to denote that the plant shares similarities with the named species but may have slight differences. These differences could be due to variations in growing conditions, geographic location, or specific traits that set it apart from the standard form of Philodendron pastazanum. In such cases, the plant is often of interest to collectors and enthusiasts for its uniqueness.

Customer Reviews

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Not silvery

It’s same as regular pastazanum
Im not sure they sent wrong id plant it isn’t silvery like photos just green leaves.


I received such a beautiful plant! Every plant I receive from Ecuagenera is in pristine condition! I don't know if I'm just lucky or they are just amazing sellers but I've yet to be disappointed. Highly recommend purchasing from here!

Beautiful plant
Pretty plant

Plant arrive with 3 large leaves and one new growth point, arrive perfectly packaged not damaged at all, they were kind enough to even add in a heat pack to protect my plants as they traveled during the colder months.