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Philodendron squamicaule 'Pink' is a visually striking variant within the Philodendron family, distinguished by its notable pink coloration, as suggested by its name. This cultivar is a variation of the Philodendron squamicaule, a species recognized for its climbing growth habit and scaly (squamicaule) stems. The 'Pink' variant adds a unique twist with its pink hues, which could be present on the leaves, stems, or both, providing a distinct contrast to the more common green of other philodendrons. Suited to replicate its native tropical rainforest conditions, Philodendron squamicaule 'Pink' thrives in a warm, humid environment with indirect light. Its care involves using well-draining soil, ensuring consistent moisture without overwatering, and occasional fertilization to maintain its health and vibrant coloration. This pink variant is particularly attractive to plant enthusiasts and collectors for its ornamental value, adding a splash of color and a touch of the exotic to indoor plant collections.


Customer Reviews

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Beautiful super red under side of the leaves and it survived the cold

Teal Mills
Gorgeous plant. Ships poorly.

I received two of these in an order. It wasn’t the best weather for shipping conditions. It pretty soon turned into a wet stick rehab project. They were absolutely gorgeous when they arrived but the shipping stress hit these hard. Instead of shipping maybe pick up if you can. Stunning color. If I’m ever at the nursery I will try my hand again at these.


Awesome plant. Great packaging


This plant is so beautiful. It's the fuzzy petiole, the vibrant pink underside, the veining and glossy top side for me 10/10, absolute chefs kiss🤌🏾

Shipping was fast and the plant was packaged well arriving without injury.

Daniel Garza
Amazing Plant

Absolutely 100% happy with the plant I purchased during a live auction. I will say out of the (5) plants I purchased the Pink Sqaumicaule did seem to suffer the most during shipping. Once I cleaned it up a little bit removed a yellow leaf and some rotted roots I placed it in water for a couple weeks to recover and acclimate. I have since repotted it a semi-hydro mix on a pole and I am already getting a new leaf!! Thanks Ecuagenera