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The Philodendron subhastatum 'Ecuagenera' is a special cultivar within the Philodendron genus, cultivated by Ecuagenera, a notable Ecuadorian nursery known for its exotic and rare plants. This variant stands out for its distinctive dual-colored foliage, showcasing large, elongated leaves that are glossy and dark green on the top, with a strikingly contrasting deep red or burgundy underside. This color contrast becomes particularly enchanting when the leaves move or are viewed from different angles. Suited for bright, indirect light and a humid environment, the subhastatum 'Ecuagenera' prefers well-draining soil, kept consistently moist but not waterlogged. As a climber, it thrives with the support of structures like moss poles. The Philodendron subhastatum 'Ecuagenera', with its unique leaf coloration and graceful form, is a highly desirable addition for collectors and indoor gardeners seeking a touch of exotic elegance.

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