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Philodendron tenue type is a distinctive and striking species within the diverse Philodendron genus, known for its unique and elegant foliage. Native to tropical environments, this plant is admired for its long, slender leaves that feature a deep green color and a glossy finish, creating a visually stunning display. The leaves of Philodendron tenue often grow quite large, adding to its dramatic appearance. This species thrives in humid conditions with indirect light, making it a popular choice among indoor plant enthusiasts. Its ability to purify the air adds to its appeal as a houseplant. The Philodendron tenue is relatively easy to care for, requiring consistent moisture but well-drained soil to prevent root rot. It is also a climbing plant, often needing support as it grows. This plant's elegant aesthetic and air-purifying qualities make it a favored choice for adding a touch of the tropics to interior spaces.

Inver2 mesa 8 grupo C

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Natasha Martinez

I purchased this plant about 2 months ago and it has done so well for me. I am very impressed with it and look forward to each leaf it puts out. It shipped very well for me with little to no damage. A very healthy specimen I'd love to get another!

Michael B
Tenue type

This plant is gorgeous. It came packed very well, and arrived it amazing condition. To exceed my expectations the plant was larger than many plants I’d gotten in the past and I’m thrilled to have it!

Sharon Driver

Love this plant, growth did not take a break with shipping. Nice established root system. Great plant.

Elizabeth Erwin
Small but ok

I have ordered fro Ecuagenera previously and I've always been satisfied however this plant was a bit small and underwhelming. I have a tenue aff. from a previous order that grew so I have hope for my new one.
Packing & customer service is great.