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Philodendron verrucosum 'Amazon Sunset' is an exquisite cultivar in the Philodendron family, distinguished by its vibrant foliage that mimics the colors of a tropical sunset. This unique plant features large, heart-shaped leaves with a velvety texture, displaying a stunning blend of deep green, infused with shades of orange and red. The petioles retain the characteristic warty texture of the verrucosum species, enhancing its exotic allure. Ideal for warm and humid conditions, 'Amazon Sunset' thrives in indirect, bright light and requires well-draining soil that stays moist but not soggy. Regular watering, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings, is essential for its care. As a climber, it benefits from support like a moss pole. This cultivar is a favorite among plant enthusiasts for its dramatic visual appeal and the lively, tropical ambiance it brings to indoor spaces. Its manageable care requirements make it suitable for a wide range of growers, from novices to experienced plant collectors, adding both aesthetic beauty and air-purifying benefits to any environment it adorns.

Inver 1 mesa 6 grupo B

Customer Reviews

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I still have not received my plants!! Apparently they were delivered to the wrong address and I am still waiting to hear from Ecuagenera about either replacements or refunds!



Root Rot & Poor Communication

This plant had devastating root rot (I checked 3 days post surgery). My bf brought this to me and he's not a plant guy, so he didn't check roots or anything.

When I told the company about the root rot & that I had to repot this (roots were covered in slime/falling apart) they told me to keep it in the existing pot with the moss it had. Even though the email says I had done it. They told me to bring it ASAP. Which I couldn't with being out of town & post-surgery.

I finally received an email one month later - when the plant already died. After all the back and forth, they told me to reach out to the Ecuador location if I placed the order. The kicker? The original email is from them because they lost track of the Instagram Live order.

Even worse - BECAUSE they took so long to reply, I was researching how to save this plant and to my horror it turns out A LOT of people had complained about this happening to them from EcuageneraUSA (online groups/forums). I thought that was why they listed this plant out of stock - but a friend told me they still sell this on their IG lives only & I went to check it out - it's true.

I left the location super impressed with my purchases a few months ago, only to be thoroughly disappointed with how this was handled or how poor the customer service/communication was.


Literally, TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! I was not expecting such a large plant by looking at this stock photo!! It’s *chefs kiss* perfection!!! 😍🥵 The most beautiful plant ever! From the new growth, to the leaves, to the roots!! Simply beautiful! I was initially hella worried when processing took a little longer (cold front rolled in) & finding out that this one isn’t the best traveler…supposedly. I reached out by email, customer service apologized for the slight delay & kindly added a heat pack to my order. Within 3 days my package had arrived, in a dented box (way to go ups lol), but without one piece of soil outta place!! I’m hear to say I can promise you, by the looks of my Amazon Sunset, you cant tell me it didn’t travel well!! That serotonin high hit & i immediately started shaking lol!!!! The BEST birthday greenies everrrrrrr!! 🥳🥳

Frieda Chan
Stunningly BEAUTIFUL!!!

I receive this plant today (used UPS 3 days select since it is fall and temperature is mild). This Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset is so beautiful. It has 3 healthy leaves and the color is out of this world. Thank you for such a gorgeous plant!