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Phragmipedium 'Ruby Slippers' is a stunning hybrid in the Phragmipedium genus, acclaimed for its beautiful slipper orchids. This particular hybrid is named 'Ruby Slippers' for its striking, ruby-red colored flowers that resemble the iconic footwear from "The Wizard of Oz." The blooms feature the characteristic pouch-like shape of slipper orchids, often coupled with vibrant red hues and possibly accented by contrasting patterns or markings. Ideal for recreating tropical rainforest conditions, Phragmipedium 'Ruby Slippers' thrives in high humidity, moderate temperatures, and indirect light. Its care involves consistent moisture in well-draining growing media, regular fertilization to enhance growth and flowering, and careful avoidance of waterlogging. This orchid hybrid is particularly prized in the orchid community for its vivid coloration and dramatic appearance, making it a highly desirable addition to collections, especially for those who cherish the unique beauty and theatrical flair of slipper orchids.


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