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Sophrolaeliocattleya Little Gold x Tzeng Beaty 4N x C. Black Jack 'Universal' M173

It signifies a hybrid orchid resulting from carefully controlled crossbreeding. Orchid enthusiasts engage in hybridization by pollinating the flowers of one orchid variety with the pollen of another, aiming to blend specific characteristics. In this case, the hybrid is a product of the cross between Sophrolaeliocattleya (abbreviated as Slc.) Little Gold and Cattleya (abbreviated as C.) Black Jack 'Universal' M173, using the pollen from Tzeng Beauty that has been selectively bred to have four sets of chromosomes (4N). The offspring orchid will inherit a unique combination of traits from its parent plants, resulting in distinctive flower color, size, and other features. Orchid hybrids like this one are prized for their beauty and often sought after by orchid enthusiasts.

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