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This species is also known as Anthurium Sp. Napo.

It is a special cultivar of Anthurium nigrolaminum, known for its compact size and unique leaf shape. The leaves have a striking dark green color with prominent venation, giving them a textured appearance. This variety is a favorite among plant enthusiasts for its intriguing foliage and manageable growth habit, making it an excellent addition to indoor plant collections.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
haris shakeel
Frozen upon arrival

Potentially a beautiful plant. Ordered three plants, one of them was gigi. While opening from it's packaging, I noticed the leaves tips were wilted and floppy. Second day the tips became dry and crispy. Hoping the plant will get new leaves which will keep it alive. Being an Anthurium it will take a while to find if it will make it. One of the the three leaf of pallidiforum had the the same faith.


Adorable! Arrived in great condition.

Erin Sales

This was so much bigger than I had anticipated. I’m in love! It’s so gorgeous. The roots are perfect, the leaves are glossy and gorgeous. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Karina C.
Beautiful Anthurium nigrolaminum seedling

It arrived in perfect condition, and even though it is a seedling, the leaves are beautiful dark green and beautiful shape.

Sierra Blu
My "regular" size not as mature as in the picture

Still happy though. The new emerging leaf might be a stunner. 🤞The Napo is a beautiful, showy plant as it gets large. For the price, I expected the plant to be at least as mature in leaf size/formation as the photo. They are more expensive on Etsy than here. I do like buying from Ecuagenera USA. The shipping was very fast. Plants were packed well. I've never seen a "perfect" leaf arrive with an Ecuagenera shipment, but the plants do well for me after a rehab period.