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Commonly known as the "Crystal Anthurium" or "Lance-leaf Anthurium," is a tropical plant appreciated for its elegant appearance. It features elongated, lance-shaped leaves that have a glossy texture and can vary in color from deep green to shades of brown. This species is particularly known for its distinctive white veins that run along the leaf surfaces, creating an intricate pattern. The inconspicuous flowers are enclosed in a spathe, often in shades of cream or pale green. Anthurium insigne thrives in humid environments with bright, indirect light. Proper watering and well-draining soil are crucial for its health. It's a stunning choice for indoor plant enthusiasts looking for a unique foliage plant.

Inver1 mesa 29 grupo A

Climate Intermediate Warm
Air Circulation Medium
Light Medium
Humidity Medium
Fertilizer Bimonthly
Size Medium