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Anthurium lancea Ecuagenera is a captivating and unique plant variety renowned for its elegant and lance-shaped leaves, making it a standout in the Anthurium genus. Native to tropical regions of Central and South America, particularly Ecuador, this plant showcases its distinctive lance-like foliage that sets it apart from other Anthurium species. The leaves are typically glossy and can vary in color, ranging from deep green to shades of red or burgundy, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Anthurium lancea Ecuagenera is prized for its ornamental value, making it a popular choice for indoor gardening and ornamental displays. Its relatively compact size and low maintenance requirements make it an accessible option for both seasoned and novice plant enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Anthuriums in a unique and visually appealing form.

Inver 1 mesa 22 grupo B

Clima Templado cálido
Circulación de aire Medio
Luz Medio
Humedad Medio
Fertilizante Bimensual
Tamaño Medio