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Anthurium reflexinervium, commonly known as the Velvet Cardboard Anthurium, is a captivating and distinct species within the Anthurium genus, celebrated for its unique foliage and striking appearance. Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, particularly in regions like Colombia and Ecuador, this plant thrives in warm, humid environments. What sets Anthurium reflexinervium apart is its extraordinary leaves, which are heart-shaped and covered in a velvety texture, resembling rich, dark green suede. The veins on the leaves are prominently raised, creating an appealing contrast with the lush, velvety surface. The plant produces flowers characteristic of Anthuriums, with a spadix and spathe, but these are often overshadowed by its dramatic foliage. Anthurium reflexinervium prefers conditions that mimic its natural habitat – high humidity, indirect light, and well-draining soil. Cultivating this plant can be a rewarding experience, particularly for those who appreciate its unique foliage and the tactile sensation it offers. It is a popular choice among indoor plant enthusiasts, adding a touch of exotic elegance and texture to interior spaces.

Climate Intermediate
Air Circulation Medium
Light Medium
Humidity Medium
Fertilizer Bimonthly
Size Medium

Customer Reviews

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Arrived fast packed great and healthy.

Beautiful leaves!

Ecuagenera did it again! This plant came in packaged perfectly and no damage. Another healthy plant and root system. I love the deep green color and the rippling texture of the leaves - such a beauty! It's very pretty and happy to add it to my collection. Highly recommend this plant and Ecuagenera for all your plants!