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It is native to Northern South America to Northern Peru.The leaves are peltate, narrowly ovatetriangular to triangular-subhastate, thin, dark green and semiglossy above, matte and much paler, sea-green below; major veins sunken and margined with red above, all major veins narrowly raised below.

The flowers are green to cream in bud, becoming pale yellowish, semiglossy, unisexual and resemble calla lily flowers

For best results, plant them in a semi-shaded location. The average daily temperature should be in the mid-21 °C. Never expose the plant to lower temperatures.The plant need the humidity level of at least 50%.Although the plant enjoy warm weather, they don’t tolerate dry conditions.

Inver 1 Mesa 5 Grupo A Climate Intermediate Warm
Air Circulation Medium
Light Medium
Humidity High
Fertilizer Bimonthly
Size Medium