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Calathea sp 'Pastaza', a part of the diverse Calathea family, is a tropical plant known for its stunning foliage, which makes it a popular choice among houseplant enthusiasts. This particular variety, named after the Pastaza province in Ecuador where it likely originates, exhibits the classic Calathea traits of striking leaf patterns and vibrant colors. The leaves of Calathea sp 'Pastaza' are usually elongated and oval-shaped, featuring a rich green color with distinctive markings in various shades of green, cream, or pink, creating a mesmerizing display. Like other Calatheas, this variety prefers a warm, humid environment away from direct sunlight, thriving in bright but indirect light. It requires well-draining soil and consistent moisture, but is sensitive to overwatering and fluoride commonly found in tap water. The leaves of Calathea sp 'Pastaza' also exhibit the unique characteristic of nyctinasty, where they move and close up at night, adding to the plant's dynamic appeal. Known for being a bit challenging to care for due to its specific humidity and watering needs, Calathea sp 'Pastaza' is nonetheless a rewarding and attractive addition to any indoor plant collection, especially for those who appreciate lush, decorative foliage.