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Cattleya lawrenceana 003008 is a specific clone of the Cattleya lawrenceana species, renowned for its exceptional beauty and floral characteristics within the orchid community. This clone stands out with its striking flowers, which typically display a splendid array of soft pink to lavender petals complemented by a darker, more vividly colored lip often adorned with distinctive veining or markings. The flowers of Cattleya lawrenceana 003008 are large and fragrant, making them highly prized in orchid shows and among collectors. This orchid thrives under typical Cattleya care, which includes bright, indirect light, well-draining medium, and a balanced watering regimen that allows for slight drying between waterings. With its captivating blooms and graceful growth habit, Cattleya lawrenceana 003008 is celebrated for adding elegance and a touch of the exotic to any orchid collection.

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