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Cattleya percivaliana 'semialba' is a striking variant of the Cattleya percivaliana species, known for its elegant and subtly colored flowers. This particular form features blooms with pristine white petals and sepals contrasted sharply by a greenish-yellow lip, which is often highlighted with a hint of purple. The flowers exude a pleasant, sweet fragrance, adding to their allure. Cattleya percivaliana 'semialba' typically flowers in the winter, producing a stunning display during a season when few other orchids bloom. This orchid prefers bright light but requires protection from direct sunlight and enjoys intermediate to cool temperatures, making it somewhat more challenging to grow than some tropical orchids. It needs well-draining medium and consistent watering during active growth, with a drier rest period after blooming. This orchid is highly prized by collectors for its distinctive, graceful appearance and seasonal bloom cycle.

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