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Philodendron sp. 'Felix' represents an unidentified or not fully classified species within the Philodendron genus, as denoted by the 'sp.' in its name. The addition of 'Felix' likely refers to a distinctive trait or origin of this particular plant, possibly named after the person who discovered it or a characteristic feature. This Philodendron, like others in its family, is expected to have ornamental foliage, which may include unique aspects in leaf shape, color, or texture, setting it apart from other known species. Adapted to thrive in warm and humid environments, Philodendron sp. 'Felix' would ideally require conditions that mimic tropical rainforests, such as indirect light, regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist, and well-draining soil. It's a plant that would intrigue enthusiasts and collectors, offering the appeal of a potentially rare or unique variety within the diverse and exotic Philodendron genus, and adding a touch of mystery to indoor plant collections.

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Customer Reviews

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Plants arrived in perfect condition & look amazing. I've had my eye on P. Felix for a while, but it wasn't in stock. Now I finally got it & I'm absolutely in awe of how beautiful it is in person. I absolutely love its glossy dark green color & the long, perfectly defined face of the leaves. It's a gorgeous & healthy looking plant & I couldn't be more happy with it. This is pbly my 10th order this season & pbly my 15th plant I've received from Ecuagenera in general & I've yet to be disappointed.


Was sent a plant with the top chopped off so close to the node that it won’t regrow and the bottom node is already spent so new foliage. What a waste. Ah and it’s roots are completely rotted

Deanna Hoppe
Great Plant

Order came quickly and this plant arrived in great condition (very little leaf damage). Was very healthy , about 12 inches tall, with 6 leaves that were about 5 inches long, and great roots. Handled shipping beautifully and transitioned to 50% humidity and temps in the 60s just fine.

Did not ship well

I was so excited to splurge on this plant. Unfortunately it appears to have not shipped well nor acclimated well for me. Mine did not come with good roots and lost all its leaves within days. It's now a wet stick in my prop box.

Sabrina Crivelli

Best place to find philodendrons for an affordable price.

Mine shipped from Florida to Pittsburgh, w/ 2 day shipping. The plant arrived undamaged with 5 full leaves and 1 about to come out. Easy to acclimate & roots are in good condition as well.