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It is a striking cultivar known for its unique foliage. Its large, heart-shaped leaves are predominantly dark green with splashes of creamy yellow variegation. This variegation pattern makes it a popular choice among plant enthusiasts looking for a touch of color and vibrancy in their indoor spaces. Like other Philodendrons, Jose Buono is relatively easy to care for and thrives in bright, indirect light. It appreciates regular watering and well-draining soil to maintain its health and beauty. Whether displayed as a focal point or as part of a collection, Philodendron Jose Buono brings a touch of tropical charm to any interior setting.

Inver2 mesa 6 Grupo B

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Root System was poor

I was so excited to order this plant for my own collection. When I received the plant it seemed pretty healthy. I put in directly in my window to get as much light as possible after being in the mail as I do with all my shipments. I noticed after two days multiple leaves started turning yellow which is usually normal but not that quickly (I order a lot of plants from here). I knew something was wrong. I pull the plant out of the soaking wet sub straight to find that the plant was BARELY rooted and half of the roots it did have were totally rotted. There were only MAYBE two roots that may survive. I had not watered this plant at all by the way it came that soaking wet in the mail. Hopefully I can rehab it and it will survive. I know these plants grow fast so I am optimistic.

Drake Greene
So pleased and so impressed!

This plant arrived really healthy and the variegation is so beautiful! I received a half moon leaf as well and the other three and speckled and albo like. I am very happy I purchased this from ecuagenera with a great price tag.

Christine Larocca
Healthy plants

Happy with plant , I guess the one leaf died before hand that was the new one inside before it could come out so I will be waiting for a new growth point , but overall I have three leaves. Two with great varigation ! Great buy ! 👌 very healthy ! I would say a must buy

Johney cha
Number 1

Get it now. My plant had a half moon and the variegation was very high . I typically see Jose with minimal variegation. A lot of healthy and no leaf damage. Get it while you can . Best genetics Buono !!!