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Philodendron roseocataphyllum is a distinct species within the Philodendron genus, known for its unique and ornamental foliage. This species is distinguished by its name 'roseocataphyllum,' which suggests characteristics such as rose or pink-hued cataphylls - the modified leaves that typically encase new growth in philodendrons. Like its Philodendron counterparts, this species likely boasts large, attractive leaves, potentially with a particular coloration or texture that sets it apart. Adapted to indoor environments, Philodendron roseocataphyllum would thrive in conditions of warm temperature, high humidity, and indirect light, which mimic its natural tropical habitat. Its care would involve well-draining soil, regular but careful watering to maintain soil moisture without waterlogging, and occasional fertilization. The Philodendron roseocataphyllum, with its potential for unique and colorful foliage, adds an exotic and visually intriguing element to indoor plant collections, appealing to enthusiasts and collectors who cherish the diversity and beauty of the Philodendron genus.

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Customer Reviews

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It’s perfect.


A little smaller than I thought but overall a healthy & beautiful looking plant. Idky but I expected the leaves to be bigger but they're about palm size. I'm sure with the right care it will put out bigger leaves. Very happy with plant.

Jonathan M Sewell
Beautiful healthy Philodendron roseocataphyllum!

Plant arrived well packed for voyage. Nice sized plant with large root ball and multiple leaves. No stress from shipping. Potted up well in a gallon container.


The plant arrived looking beautiful aside from the roots being super dry. I was worried but the emerging leaf continued to grow and looks great now. It's been just about a month and there's a new leaf on the way. This plant seems to be pretty hardy, not too picky about humidity. My apartment typically stays between 45 - 60% humidity. Love it! Wish we could attach pictures lol

Nice plant, but in very wet soil

I received a plant with around 5 leaves that were approximately 7-8" long. Unfortunately, the plant came in very wet soil and lost around 3 leaves in the following week.

It's a fast grower, though. In the 2 months that it's been with me, it has already produced 3 new leaves and is already producing a 4th.