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Philodendron sanctamartinense is a unique species within the Philodendron genus, named after its likely region of origin, Santa Martina. This plant is valued for its ornamental foliage, which is characteristic of the Philodendron family, popular in both home and commercial interior landscaping for their diverse and attractive leaves. Details such as leaf size, shape, and coloration make Philodendron sanctamartinense stand out. It thrives in conditions that mimic its native tropical rainforest habitat, favoring warm temperatures, high humidity, and indirect light. Care for this plant includes using well-draining soil, ensuring regular watering to maintain moist but not soggy soil, and providing occasional fertilization. Philodendron sanctamartinense, with its regional significance and adaptability to indoor environments, is a desirable addition for plant enthusiasts and collectors, offering a unique and exotic element to indoor plant collections.

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Customer Reviews

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Another winner

Big beautiful plant! Packed perfectly and shipped promptly. Every plant I’ve ordered from this nursery has been a winner! Try them, you won’t be disappointed. 👍🏼👍🏼

tonya feather
Very thoughtful packaging!!!

Amazing plant great size and amazing seller!!
Packaged perfectly and fast shipping too!!!

Natasha Martinez
Happy overall

I had received a damaged specimen, however upon contacting support they gave me a coupon and allowed me to keep the plant. I was satisfied with this experience as the plant came back easily from the damage.

Sharon Driver
Nicely established mature plant

It came in so well, I ordered a second one!!

Well rooted and MASSIVE

Absolutely gorgeous, instant specimen plant. This guy came with fantastic roots and mature form leaves, including a newly unfurled leaf that hadn’t yet hardened off- and was completely flawless, zero transit damage. Definitely a must buy if you love trilobed philos.