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It is a striking cultivar of the Philodendron smithii, distinguished by its red-hued foliage, which sets it apart from the typical green varieties. This unique coloration typically manifests in different parts of the plant, such as the undersides of the leaves, the petioles, or new growth, adding a vibrant contrast to the lush green of the upper leaf surfaces. As with other philodendrons, this variety thrives in warm, humid environments that replicate its native tropical habitat, preferring indirect light and well-draining soil. Care for Philodendron smithii 'Red' includes regular watering to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged, and occasional fertilization to maintain its vivid color and promote healthy growth. This cultivar is particularly appealing to plant enthusiasts and collectors for its striking color contrast, offering a visually stunning addition to indoor plant collections and bringing an exotic touch to any space.