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Phragmipedium humboldtii 'Fortuna' x Phrag. warszewiczianum var wallisii 

Phragmipedium 'Zapatilla de la Virgen' is an exquisite orchid species within the Phragmipedium genus, known for its remarkable and distinctive slipper-shaped flowers, which inspire its common name translating to 'Virgin's Slipper'. This particular species is celebrated for its stunning floral display, typically featuring large, pouch-like blooms that are often brightly colored or patterned, capturing the essence of exotic and intricate beauty characteristic of orchids. These flowers not only exhibit a unique shape but also possess a delicate, alluring fragrance, making them highly prized in orchid cultivation and collection. Phragmipedium orchids, including 'Zapatilla de la Virgen', thrive best in conditions that mimic their natural rainforest habitats – high humidity, moderate temperatures, and filtered light. Their care involves precise watering routines, well-draining growing media, and careful attention to environmental factors to ensure healthy growth and flowering. This orchid species is a coveted choice for orchid enthusiasts and collectors, sought after for its dramatic visual appeal and the sophisticated elegance it brings to any orchid collection or indoor garden.