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It is an epiphytic orchid species native to Brazil. This unique orchid is known for its intriguing floral structure and attractive appearance.

The plant typically features elongated pseudobulbs with strap-like leaves. From the base of these pseudobulbs, erect flower spikes emerge, carrying several flowers. The flowers of Encyclia mapuerae are a standout feature, characterized by their greenish-yellow coloration and intricate lip design.

To cultivate Encyclia mapuerae successfully, provide it with bright, indirect light to simulate its natural habitat. Maintain temperatures that are warm to intermediate, and ensure proper air circulation to prevent fungal issues. Watering should be moderate, allowing the growing medium to slightly dry out between waterings. Growing it in a well-draining orchid mix or mounted on a suitable surface is recommended. With proper care, Encyclia mapuerae will showcase its unique flowers and add an exotic touch to your orchid collection.