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The "Laelia purpurata 'Ubatuba x Rubra Canaveral #14 Budny x Sanguinea 105'" represents a highly specialized and intricate hybrid of the Laelia purpurata orchid. This hybridization showcases the complexity and depth of orchid breeding. Laelia purpurata is a species celebrated for its remarkable flowers, varying widely in color and form. The term 'Ubatuba' likely refers to a specific variety or a regional cultivar, suggesting unique traits associated with that lineage. 'Rubra Canaveral' might indicate a red or deep pink coloration, contributing to the hybrid's visual appeal. The inclusion of '#14 Budny' and 'Sanguinea 105' suggests that these are specific breeding lines or individual plants selected for their exceptional characteristics. The numbering could indicate a particular selection or generation in a breeding program. Orchid enthusiasts and breeders often use such detailed nomenclature to track the lineage and qualities of their hybrids. This name, therefore, encapsulates a rich history of selective breeding, aiming to combine the best traits of each parent into a single, stunning orchid variety.

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