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LC Frenchy's Melange 'Cylvia' X BLC Durican AQ/AOS 'Aquarius' Hcc/AOS is an exquisite orchid hybrid, blending the remarkable traits of its parent plants, LC Frenchy's Melange 'Cylvia' and BLC Durican AQ/AOS 'Aquarius' Hcc/AOS. This hybrid stands out for its stunning flowers, which inherit the best qualities of both Laelia and Cattleya orchids, as implied by the "LC" (Laelia x Cattleya) and "BLC" (Brassavola x Laelia x Cattleya) prefixes. The blooms are typically large, vibrant, and often showcase a variety of colors ranging from deep purples and pinks to bright yellows and oranges, often with intricate patterns and a striking lip. The flowers not only captivate with their beauty but are also known for their delightful fragrance, a common trait in Cattleya hybrids. These orchids prefer bright, indirect sunlight and a well-draining growing medium, along with consistent moisture and high humidity. They thrive in intermediate to warm temperatures, making them suitable for a variety of indoor environments. The LC Frenchy's Melange 'Cylvia' X BLC Durican AQ/AOS 'Aquarius' Hcc/AOS hybrid is particularly prized among orchid enthusiasts for its robust growth, spectacular floral display, and the complex beauty that results from its sophisticated lineage, making it a standout addition to any orchid collection.

Invernadero #3 mesa 26B