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Philodendron quelii 'Round' is likely a special form or variant of the Philodendron quelii, distinguished by its round-shaped leaves, a deviation from the more common elongated or heart-shaped foliage typical of the Philodendron genus. This unique characteristic adds a distinct visual appeal to the plant, making it a notable addition to the diverse family of philodendrons. The genus is celebrated for its wide variety of leaf shapes, sizes, and textures, and the 'Round' variant of Philodendron quelii exemplifies this diversity. Ideal for indoor cultivation, this plant would thrive in conditions that mimic its tropical origins – warm temperatures, high humidity, and indirect light. Care for this variety would include well-draining soil, consistent but not excessive watering to avoid waterlogging, and periodic fertilization. The round foliage of Philodendron quelii 'Round' offers a unique aesthetic, potentially making it a sought-after specimen for plant enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the beauty and diversity of leaf shapes in their indoor plant collections.

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