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Philodendron Spiritu-Sancti

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Size: Seedling

spiritus-sancti = the holy spirit. The origin of the name can only be assumed. The place of discovery is said to have been in the Brazilian state of Esperito Santo (portuguese for Holy Spirit), so it is reasonable to assume that Bunting has latinized the name here.

Philodendron spiritus-sancti is one of the rarest philodendrons, and is often referred to in English as the Holy Grail among philodendrons. The short stem with long, drooping leaves makes a brilliant looking houseplant, especially when grown in hanging baskets or hanging baskets. Please note: The pictures show young plants, adult plants have long, narrow leaves with clearly visible veining, and are deeply furrowed at the top.

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Sheridan
New little baby

Very happy with this little plan I have wanted one for years finally got it and it is healthy as can be thank you so much


Received my plant today and it’s beautiful! This is my second one because the first arrived frozen/dead. I reached out to Ecuagenera and they quickly sent me a replacement one at no cost. I am satisfied with both the company and the product ☺️


I received my seedling yesterday and unfortunately it was dead/frozen…I immediately emailed Ecuagenera with pictures and am very pleased to say that I received an email this morning that they are sending me another one, with a heat pack 😀. Can’t wait to see how that one arrives. Happy for the quick resolution of this company. Will write another review when I receive my seedling.


As a customer for many, many, many years, I can say they have really gone down hill.

Jill Bell Hudson
Very nice plant, good size!

It wasn't a small seedling as the other person stated but a plant approaching a more mature shape. Mine is healthy and already growing a new leaf! I am really pleased to be able to own one of these, I have been an aroider since the 70's and I remember seeing this philo in Exotica III and WANTING one since then. Thank you for such a nice plant!