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Philodendron tenue is a unique and lesser-known species within the diverse Philodendron genus, valued for its elegant and distinctive foliage. This species is characterized by its slender, elongated leaves, which can grow quite large, providing a graceful and dramatic appearance. The leaves are typically deep green and may have a glossy texture, adding to the plant's visual appeal. Native to tropical environments, Philodendron tenue thrives in warm, humid conditions similar to its natural rainforest habitat, preferring indirect or filtered light. Its care involves using well-draining soil, maintaining consistent soil moisture without waterlogging, and providing occasional fertilization to support healthy growth and leaf development. Philodendron tenue is an excellent choice for plant enthusiasts looking to add a touch of tropical elegance to their indoor plant collection, particularly appealing for its unique leaf shape and the sophisticated aesthetic it brings to any space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This one arrived looking a bit rough. One stem was broken so I'm trying to prop the cuts I had to make.

Weakness stem

It is small compare to the image. It is philodendron climbing habit and weakness stem. Plants break easily when shipping. Package come fast and plants are healthy except broken stem.

Sharon Driver
Healthy Seedling plant

Pictured was a mature plant but received a healthy seedling. So overall was happy yo grow this beautiful plant. So far cannot tell much difference between regular Tenue and Tenue round form.

Very small

Received my little baby expecting it to be a little larger, somewhat close to the picture displayed but turned out to be a baby plant. Still love it though and arrived it great condition. Excited to watch this baby Tenue grow.